martes, 8 de agosto de 2017


Resultado de imagen de invisibleIn my opinion I don´t like being invisible. Some famous people want to be invisible. They think that they can have an ordinary life, but I think that it is impossible. They decided to be famous, and this has got great consequences. But don´t forget the biggest benefits: Money, popularity and the important event where they can go. Do they really want to be invisible? I don´t think so.

miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017


_Seafood Clams
_Clams special lane or sauteed
_Grilled sardines
_Shrimps of Motril
_Lamb chops

lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017



 Come to Spain - an amazing country with delicious food. fantatica beaches and a lot of history

Resultado de imagen de paella valencianaVisit to  Valencia, you can eat " Paella Valenciana" it´s delicious.

Resultado de imagen de alhambra

Visit Granada, you must go to the  Alhambra 
a  muslim castle.

Resultado de imagen de museo del prado

Go to Madrid, there is a famous
 museum called "Museo del Prado"

Resultado de imagen de santiago bernabeu
Are you a fanatic of sports? 
Yes, I am.    You must go to
Santiago Bernabeu. 
It´s Real Madrid´s stadium

Resultado de imagen de teide

Do you like nature?
You can go to El Teide.
It is a volcano 3,718 metres high

Resultado de imagen de playa almuñecar
                     Go to " Costa Tropical "There are lots of fabulous beaches.

Are you bored?
Resultado de imagen de portaventuraIn Cataluña there is a theme
park, Portaventura.

Resultado de imagen de skiSierra Nevada is a mountain 
range, here you can go skiing. 

Resultado de imagen de catedral de santiago de compostelaAre you catholic?
Go to Santiago de Compostela,
there is a catedral, you can pray 

In Madrid you can see thef "Plaza Del Sol". Here the people give the New Year.